YAND days in Saint Petersburg

For the first time YAND days took place in St. Petersburg on 15/16 April in the beautiful FOUR SEASONS HOTEL LION PALACE. Showroom presentation of Your Amazing Namaz Dress was attended by numerous guests, among whom were friends of YAND and well-known journalists, stylists and fashion historians. That presentation was the excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the new brand and its creators so close.

The fashion industry introduces a new trend of the clothing presentation. Today it is not the classical form of defile, but the form of a showroom. It allows to everyone from the guest list precisely explore the collection in a delicate atmosphere. Individual approach is one of the most valuable resources that we can offer to our guests.

Everyone who attended YAND Days presentation was able to see each tiny detail of the YAND dresses, try the favourite model and, what is pretty exciting, to learn the story of the whole brand and of each dress from the YAND's mastermind and founder Seta Yandieva.

We prepared a short film about the history and the mission of the YAND ambitious project, gourmet snacks and refined flower compliments especially for our guests. We hope that the YAND's Spring presentation starts the beginning of a new tradition for "YAND Days" of every season of the year.

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